Best Prices in Town

(October 2015)


We have been told by our customers that we have always given the the best and  reasonable solutions to solve clients problems for a multitude of situations.



Areas of expertise: Imported cargo,Inland Transportation, Air Cargo Handling, Drayage, Warehousing and Tradeshow Preparation/Participation.

Your experience is our goal.


By maintaining a respectful, and considerate manner between all parties we have managed to gain new business by word of mouth. 

In addition to new business, new vendors have partnered with us to combine a greater reach, based on our past success.  

Our continued strength with our existing customers has been keeping them coming back and continuing to build a long term and greater relationship that spans over time. 

The main objective is to always serve our customers with the best experience, care, and responsibility for each and every inquiry, to final 

Looking Forward 

Recognition & Awarness

Your vision is important to us.


At JHA Logistics, our commitment to our customers is paramount to our success. We continuously  strive to help our existing customer find the safest, cost efficient method to ship. We pride ourselves on customer service. At the heart of our operation, it is is to always to  give the best and most courteous interaction between our customers, and vendors.

Customer Service

(September 2015)


Our office has been acknowledged by our clients time and time again for high level customer service by all our personal.

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Best  Overall Service

(November 2015)


For many years, our company has received continued praises from our existing customer for  our continued thoughtfulness, and guidance with every shipment.


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